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Healing body acupuncture believes everyone's body has the power to heal itself, whether it is mental or physical sickness. Western medical science usually employs chemical medicine or radioactivity for treatments. Although such practice can work, it can be very intrusive and often brings other negative effects to our bodies.
Healing body clinic would like to offer new medical options which are more natural and less intrusive. Acupuncture treatment helps our body's energy to circulate better. Cupping helps relax muscles and unblock the energy stagnation. The natural herb increases the efficiency in our immune systems and organs.
Our acupuncturist, Celine Chang believes that if we give the right stimulus and unclog the energy blockage, our bodies can heal by themselves.
At Healing body clinic, you can expect to see the best equipments used for your treatments. For example, the clinic uses the thinnest needle made in Japan to achieve the most painless and effective medical results. We also warm up the examine table before patient arrived. That keeps our patients comfortable during the therapy session.
Everyone who comes to Healing body clinic will have a complete examination during which our acupuncturist will check your tongue and pulses. We hope not only to cure a patient's current illness but also allow the body to grow stronger against other diseases.

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